When the program finishes, the tabs that are open at the time will be saved and opened the next time it is run.

"Tabsets" provide a means of saving and restoring more than one set tabs.

More than one set of tabs/entries can be saved and restored using the tabsets dialogs, accessible from the menu or by right-clicking on a tab.


To save your current set of tabs you should provide a title and select which tabs to include. Tab titles do not have to be unique but checking the 'Overwrite' option will, in effect, enforce uniqueness.

Save Tabset Dialog


Use the load dialog to restore saved pages:

Load Tabset Dialog

An entire tabset or parts of a tabset, or multiple tabsets can be reloaded by using the 'Open all' checkbox and/or using the 'Select tabs' button to show the dialog listing the tabs contained in the tabset.


Use the edit tabset dialog to remove tabs from a tabset or change the tabset title by double-clicking on it.

Edit Tabset dialog