A description of how the options are organized can be found in the customization section.

The following pages describe some of the options that are available; not every option is explained, it is hoped that those that are not will be self-evident.

  • Paths to files should either be relative to the current working directory or absolute file paths. The current working directory is shown in the System tab of the About dialog (Main menu -> Help -> About).

  • In the description that follows the term "theme directory" refers to a path made up of the working directory, "themes" and the theme name. For example, if the current theme is called "mytheme", the theme directory is: <working directory>/themes/mytheme.

  • The options are stored in a plain text configuration file and can be edited outside of the application. (The name of file is shown on the System tab of the About dialog.)

  • Changing many of these settings will require the application to be restarted.