Please report any problems you find.

Application problems

Along with a description of the problem, if it is reproducible, include the steps necessary to trigger it.

The application maintains a log file that may well contain useful information. The location of the file can be found on the Logging options section of the Preferences dialog.

If you are contacting by email please attach the log file; if you are using the Github Issue Tracker, attach the log file via the web page.

Text problems

If there is a problem with the text of an entry (i.e. a headword) it would be most helpful to select the text and copy and paste into an email or the Issue Tracker, annotating the text to indicate the problem.

Of course a simple description will suffice.

In both cases, the simplest way to uniquely identify an entry is by the "node id" (e.g n1333) shown on the status bar after the volume and page.

Problems with all entries should be considered application problems.