Single character bookmark ids can be used with the add/jump shortcuts.


This sequence followed by one of the characters shown in 'Ids' entry, creates a shortcut to the current item.


This will prompt the user to enter the bookmark id for the current item. The id can be of any length


Shows the bookmark list dialog (as shown here). Bookmarks are activated using the keyboard (spacebar or return) or the "Show in tab" button.


This sequence followed by a single character will open the bookmark with given id. When used, the current location is saved as a temporary bookmark (with the id '-here') for use with the Revert key.


This will activate the temporary bookmark setup when using the Jump key. Only the previous jump can be reverted.


Delete all bookmarks. Individual bookmarks cannot be deleted but creating a bookmark with an id already in use will overwrite the old entry. (It is possible to delete a bookmark by manual editing of the configuration file.)


This entry contains a list of the valid single letter bookmarks. It is case insensitive.

Controls the appearance of the list of bookmarks shown in the bookmark menu. The letters preceded by '%' are placeholders and are the values are inserted:

  • %R - root
  • %H - headword
  • %N - node id
  • %V - volume
  • %P - page
Open and activate tab

When the bookmark is activated these two settings determine in which tab the bookmark is shown and whether that tab is made current.