Cross references

Lane indicated cross-references in the text with a down-arrow, as explained in the Preface page xxiv :

but every word ... explained in a paragraph headed by another word is also mentioned by itself, or accompanied by a word or words nearly resembling it in form, with a reference to that paragraph. (In order to facilitate the reference, an arrow-head (↓) is inserted to render conspicuous a word explained in a paragraph headed by another word.)

As in the following example:

Cross foreign

In this application, the cross-references have been converted to clickable links. However, not all links have been resolved by the software: links with an identified target are blue, unresolved links are red.

[There are 36,031 cross-references in the entire lexicon, of which 21,322 have been resolved.]

Fixing a cross-reference

The user can repair a broken link manually by doing the following:

  • Break content-linking using the icon on the status bar or the shortcut

  • Find the target of the link in the contents panel

  • Left-click and drag the target onto the link and release the mouse button

When dragging the target an icon is displayed alongside the cursor:

drag icon

On releasing the cursor on the target, a dialog appears:

Fix link dialog

This process can be repeated any number of times.

Exporting and Importing fixes

If the user has repaired broken links, these fixes will be removed if the software is re-installed or an updated database is installed.

For this reason, links should be saved to a file using the Tools -> Export links menu option prior to any software updates and then reloaded using Tools -> Import links.

The author of the software will be happy to receive and make generally available, any fixes. Please see the Contact page for details.