The shorcuts are grouped in a number of tabs. The table below lists the default shortcuts and provides a brief description where appropriate.


OSX users should make the usual substitution.

To set a shortcut, click on the item and press the required keys.

Tab Action Key Description
Contents The panel of roots
Collapse all Ctrl+R,A Collapse
Collapse letter Ctrl+R,C Collapse letter
Show Ctrl+R,H Make the contents visible
Delete Ctrl+T,D
Delete other tabs Ctrl+T,O
Go tab Ctrl+T <number> Go to the nth tab
List tabs F2 Show the list of tabs
Back Ctrl+H,B
Next Ctrl+H,N
Enable Ctrl+H,E
Disable Ctrl+H,D
Navigation Movement by root
First Ctrl+N,F
Next Ctrl+N,N
Previous Ctrl+N,B
Last Ctrl+N,L
Enable Ctrl+K,E
Disable Ctrl+K,D
Global search Search the Lexicon
Root Ctrl+S,R
Head Ctrl+S,H
Word Ctrl+S,W
Page Ctrl+S,P
Node Ctrl+S,N
Local search Search the current page
Find Ctrl+L,F
Find next Ctrl+L,F
Show Ctrl+L,S Show last search results
Clear Ctrl+L,C Clear last search results
Toggle interface Ctrl+I Toggle minimal interface
Show logs Ctrl+V,L Show the log viewer
Quit Ctrl+Q Exit the application
Sync page Ctrl+G,R Align the page with the current contents
Sync contents Ctrl+G,L Align the contents with the current page
Show notes Ctrl+N,S Show the note browser
Menu show Ctrl+M,S Show the menu
Toggle link Ctrl+L Toggle the linking ofthe contents panel and the entry panel
Options Ctrl+O,P Show the preferences dialog
Focus contents Ctrl+M,C Give keyboard focus to the panel of roots
Focus entry Ctrl+M,E Give keyboard focus to the contents panel
Toggle allow duplicates Ctrl+U
Add Ctrl+B, <boomkark id>
Input Ctrl+B,Ctrl+A Prompt for a bookmark name
List Ctrl+B,Ctrl+L Show the bookmark list dialog
Jump Ctrl+J, <bookmark id> Jump to the bookmark with the id
Revert Ctrl+B,Ctrl+R Return from previous jump
Clear Ctrl+B,Ctrl+C Clear bookmarks

Note: shortcuts related to bookmarks are set here. They are listed here for completeness.

Note: when setting shortcuts do not use the sequences that has been setup as the bookmark add and jump prefixes i.e Ctrl+B and Ctrl+J in the above example.

Since the shortcuts are saved in the configuration file it is possible to set them manually by editing the file. When doing this always wrap the text in quotes, like this:


Not like this: