perl orths.pl
    --db   <db file>            Name of input database
    --dbout <db file>           Name of output database if different (optional)
    --node                      Process only the given node or comma separated list of nodes
    --nodes <filename>          Process the nodes listed one per line in the supplied file
    --log-dir                   Write log file to given directory, defaults to current
    --dry-run                   Do not update the database
    --xml-out  <output file>    Output fixed XML as either one file or individual files if the supplied
                                names contains NODE, with NODE being replaced by the actual node id
    --show                      Show the before/after XML
    --export                    Export the current link table records before updating
    --verbose                   Show relevant node text in log
    --xml                       XML source file or directory
    --backup                    Create a backup copy of each node before updating
    --help                      Print this

Use cases:

  • To report on all the <orths> in a file
perl orths.pl --report --xml ../xml/b0.xml
  • To show the original XML, the fixed XML and orth analysis for a node
perl orths.pl --report --xml ../xml/b0.xml --node n2033 --show
  • To generate a fix file for a node
perl orths.pl --db lexicon.sqlite --xml ../xml/b0.xml --node n2033 --dry-run --xml-out fixed.xml

The generated file, in this case "fixed.xml", can be distributed and imported by the application to apply the fix.

  • To apply the corrected xml directly to the database
perl orths.pl --db lexicon.sqlite --xml ../xml/b0.xml --node n2033