History options


Use the button to set the font for the items in the menu drop down list.

In the format text, replace the code by the value according to these rules:

Code Replace with
%R root
%H headword
%N node number
%V volume
%P page

Blocks delimited by ?<R/H/N/V/P> will only be evaluated if the corresponding item is not empty.

For example in: ?N(Node %N)?N

  • if the node is "n1234", then text "(Node n1234") will appear
  • if the node is "", then no text will appear

Open in new tab/Go to new tab

When viewing history items, this controls where to show the item.

Duplicate search depth

When adding history entries, check back this many items and do not add the current item if it is already in the history.

The maximum number of menu tiems to show on the Main menu -> History drop down.

Maximum database records

The maximum number of records that can be saved in the database.